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Custom made wigs in London by Hairexceptional Grove Park London and the USA - It is with great pride that we have evolved our product line to offer you custom made wigs designed for various reasons - This will include: a) as a fashion accomplice (for theatrical performance, or for a new appearance) or for a medical disposition (Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy treatment, Trichotillomania, Genetic Thinning, Alopecia).

All our wigs that are handcrafted, are designed with the end-user in mind and are as much as is possible, made with ethically sourced materials. We are focused on continued innovation and ensure that our team are cohesive and enthusiastic about producing custom-made wigs. Customized wigs are made to perfection following detailed measurements, head molds, fittings, and adjustments to arrive at a perfect fit. Our wigs are offered to customers worldwide - and can request video footage and pictures to see if our products are a good fit for them. We keep customers' details safe and secure, on our database, following their consent to do so. This enables us to quickly reproduce the wig in different variations and colors should the customer require additional wigs. 

All our hairpieces are made from carefully selected threads - we use either pre-colored hair or virgin hair sourced from young donors. The client is consulted and involved in every step of the wig making process, to ensure that a truly custom made wid is produced according to the clients taste and comfort. This will take into account matching hair color and texture according to individual taste. Hairpieces can also be colored in singular, fades, different tones, or multicolored as wished by the client. Due to the precision and detail required, we request clients to place their orders in advance where possible as it could take up to 8 weeks to design and complete the entire wig.



 All our wigs are LUXURY products and CUSTOM designed;

  • We only use RUSSIAN hair of your choice for all wigs - COLOURED or VIRGIN;
  • You will receive support and advice throughout the whole wig making process;
  • For all of our local clientele, we make a head mould and match the lace to your skin to get an exact match. For all of our abroad clients, we require detailed head measurements to get a precise hairpiece (we send instructions on how to do the measurements);
  • We also offer repair services on our wigs, so your cap can get refreshed and this way will last you longer;
  • We have a qualified hairdresser, who does all sorts of hairdressing arts on hairpieces – highlights, haircutting;
  • We design hairpieces and medical wigs for women, children and men's toupees;


Delivery time: Regular service is up to 10 weeks.




Cap Construction In London With Berenice

Cap Construction

Custom Hairpiece Cap Construction In London

Cap Construction

Cap Construction In London For Hairpieces

Cap Construction


Most commonly used caps:

  • Full hand made mono top wig, back is with stretch lace (glueless);
  • Full thin skin cap wig with lace front (glue or tape is needed);
  • Silicone injected full cap;
  • Front/Full lace wigs - non-stretching (glue or tape is needed);
  • Full wefted wig;
  • Full mono cap wig with stretch lace on the crown (glueless);
  • Lace front with silk top, stretchable mesh (glueless);
  • Full hand made mono top wig both sides non slip PU (glueless);
  • Jewish wigs;
  • Front lace pieces;
  • Fringes;
  • Full silk top men toupee;
  • Nylon ribbon hole net with fine mono front top integration;
  • Pre-plucked wigs;
  • We use baby hair for the most natural look;

Base Material: Lace, Fine Mono, Silk, Silicone, and more are available – all base materials are color-matched to the client’s skin tone.

Hair Density: Extra light, light, medium-light, medium, medium-heavy, heavy, extra heavy.

Hair Direction: Freestyle, Left Part, Center Part, Right Part, Left Crown, Center Crown, Right Crown and anything our customer asks for will be made available.


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