How to Measure Your Head and Hair

How to Measure Your Head

Before measuring, make sure to flatten your hair and use a tape measure. 

measure your wig cap sizemeasure tape for hair piece


In general, the standard measurements (in cm) for a small, medium or large wig sizes are:

Small Medium Large
Circumference of the head 54.6cm 57.1cm 59.6cm
From forehead to nape of neck 35.5cm 36.8cm 38.7cm
Ear to ear across forehead 27.9cm 29.2cm 30.4cm
Ear to ear over top 31.7cm 31.7cm 33.6cm
From temple to temple around back 35.5cm 36.8cm 38.6cm
Nape of Neck 12.7cm 13.9cm 15.2cm


Wig Size Chart | Petite, Average & Large



How to Measure Hair Length

3. Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1: Will the hair be shedding and tangle?

A:Shedding: A few strands initial shedding of new hair is normal. We always suggest customer seal weft before installing and brushing it with a wide-tooth comb. 

Excessive shedding will be caused by weft cutting or dryness. Please always seal the ends if you cut the weft for installation and keep it moisturized. 

Tangle: Usually, our hair will not tangle because it is cuticle intact human hair. However, dryness, oil & dirt build-up, salt water or not combing out daily will lead to tangle and shedding. Please follow hair care instruction and use a good shampoo & conditioner to wash your hair twice a week.


Q2: Can I dye the hair another color and make other styles?

A: Yes, our hair is 100% human hair and can be dyed, bleached and permed. However, frequently dying and perming will do harm to the hair, even destroy it. We strongly advise against doing this frequently.


Q3: Why are  there short hairs on the weft?

A: When the hair is cut from a donor, it is a bundle of long hair with no weft. A length of the hairs need to be folded for sewing the weft on. That is the reason why there are short hairs on one side. Please don’t worry about this, it will not impact the way your hair looks, or the quality.


Q4: Is every strand of hair the same length?

A:Our hair is 100% human hair, cut from young donors. As with our own hair, real human hair is not possible to grow the exact same length for every single strand. That is why human hair ends are always thinner than the top. Please fully understand and consider these facts before placing your order.


Q5: How to measure hair length?

A: For wavy hair, please stretch it till it is straight, then take the measurement.


Q6: How many bundles do I need for one head?

We recommend all of our customers to use 3-4 bundles for a full head sew in. It all depends on your preference and how full and thick you like your hair. We recommend that you consult with your hairstylist. Each of our hair bundles weigh 3.2-3.5oz. Because our hair extensions are not processed and filled with synthetic fibers, we ensure TOP quality.



About Our Hair

Work Production: We take pride in our exquisite skills that involve washing, sterilizing, treating, conditioning and air-drying of virgin hair
Hair Material : Donated, sold, or exchanged freely and fairly. Donors benefit from selling their hair as it is a supplementary source of income that does not require any labor.  


Frequently Asked Questions

When we talk about VIRGIN HAIR  , this means that we use hair from a donor. (The hair is cut/purchased directly from the donor), With some cleaning work and high temperature steam processing, we turn the hair into many different textures. Our hair proves to be reusable for MORE THAN ONE YEAR with proper care!!








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